Get Involved

Join A Committee

Tualatin Riverkeepers was started by a group of watershed residents, and volunteer leaders remain at the core of our success. Most folks volunteer with us on the river, in the field, or by serving as an ambassador, but committees remain an excellent way to lend your skills and knowledge to advancing our mission.

Watershed Watch

While every committee is important, the Watershed Watch Committee is integral to our efforts to protect the watershed. Committee members meet formally on a quarterly basis, and advise the Advocacy and Policy Manager on advocacy-related issues impacting the watershed. If you have experience and interest in land use planning, natural resource law, or the Clean Water Act, this is a great opportunity to lend your skills. Contact Glenn Fee - - for more information. 

Trips and Tours

The Trips and Tours Committee works with our River Experiences Manager to plan all aspects of our paddle trips. This includes assisting with the annual Tualatin River Discovery Day, advising on new launches, and leading groups on tours of the river. Contact River Experience Manager Mark Fitzsimons - - for more information.

Development Committee

Our Development Committee works to ensure that Tualatin Riverkeepers taps sustainable sources of income to support our work. Committee work includes assisting with our Green Heron Fundraiser, held each fall at a new location in the watershed. Contact Glenn Fee - - for more information.