Tualatin Riverkeepers Action Alerts

Action Alerts are one of the ways we encourage you to advocate with us, and help us hold our communities accountable to creating long-term climate and environmental solutions that work for everyone. Our Action Alerts provide an opportunity for you to participate in a direct action that can impact public policy, and have your voice be heard. Whenever we have an opportunity for the public to influence an important decision that will directly impact our watershed, we'll send an Action Alert with specific directions on what you can do to help.

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What sort of action do the alerts ask for?

More often than not, we'll be asking you to write in comments to a decision-maker or elected official. We'll either provide some suggested text or talking points to use while crafting your comments. Our suggested language takes into account any factors or rules that may be used to make their decisions, which will help you make the most relevant and meaningful comments you can. We also provide a staff point person who can answer any questions you might have regarding how to make comments on a particular issue.

Why is commenting so important?

Input from the public can and does impact decisions. The more people who are concerned about a particular problem, the more attention that problem is likely to get. Receiving relevant comments from numerous people in the community can change the way a decision-maker deals with an application, request, or proposal. In other words, we need the help of our community Riverkeepers to keep protecting the Tualatin River and its tributaries. Together we can create positive change in the Tualatin River watershed.

How does the Action Alert list differ from the regular mailing list?

If you're a Tualatin Riverkeepers Member, or if you opted into our email list on your own, you are probably on our general mailing list that includes our Heron Now! newsletter with updates on what's going on each month, event announcements, and fundraising campaigns. Our Action Alert list is an additional email list that goes to a specific group of people who want to receive special advocacy action items with information on how and when to act on specific projects and issues in the watershed.