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Want to Join our Board of Directors?

We're currently seeking new members to serve on our volunteer Board of Directors, and our Organizational Committees.

Our Board of Directors typically meets approximately every other month. Currently, our meetings are held virtually at times that are most convenient for all board members. At this time, we have openings for at least 5 new Board Members.

Committee meeting frequency varies depending on the committee. We have committees spanning organizational development to committees that help guide program work at Tualatin Riverkeepers. As with our Board Meetings, all meetings are being held virtually at times convenient for committee members. Committee opportunities include:

Finance Committee
Marketing & Development Committee
River Experiences Committee
Watershed Watch Committee
Equity Advisory Committee

We try to maintain a balance between rural and urban watershed residents, and seek to reflect the diversity in our community in our Board of Directors and our Organizational Committees. We believe that leadership filled with diverse perspectives and voices will ultimately lead to better decisions, programs, and ability to protect, restore, and enjoy the Tualatin River.

If you would like to discuss how Tualatin Riverkeepers might be a good fit and focus for your interests, skills, experiences, expertise, and passions, please email our Executive Director to begin the interview process. We look forward to hearing from you!