Check out all the different types of events we have to offer! We aim to offer opportunities for people of all ages, of varying experiences and backgrounds, and with the goal that you will walk away with more appreciation of the Tualatin River and the natural resources within the watershed.

We try to keep all our events at a fair cost or free to the public. If price is an issue please contact us and we can work to find a resolution. We want everyone to be able to participate in our activities and discover what the Tualatin River watershed has to offer.

Stay Home Summer Camp: Nature Sleuths
Life isn’t about knowing, it’s about exploring! And the best way to explore is to ask questions. Nature Sleuths is designed to get you thinking about how the...
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Stay Home Summer Camp: Outdoor Adventure
Do you think you could find your way home if you were lost in the woods? Outdoor Adventure helps teach outdoor survival skills while also taking a look at...
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Stay Home Summer Camp: Sense of Place
Use your five senses to touch, taste, smell, listen, and look toward a deeper understanding of what keeps an ecosystem in balance. We can find examples of...
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Stay Home Summer Camp: Living Water
As Riverkeepers, we are always promoting river ecosystems and water conservation. Learn with us about the things that live underwater, and gain an...
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Green Heron Gala
Join us for this special event as we celebrate our 31st year as the organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the Tualatin River. We will also be...
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