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Tualatin Riverkeepers are the only non-profit dedicated to advocating for water quality, ecosystem sustainability, and the overall health of the Tualatin River watershed in Washington County. While advocating for policies and legislation that prioritizes environmental concerns, we strive to include livability, affordability, and sustainability in all that we do so that we can create collaborative, community-based solutions that are implementable for everyone. We focus on addressing:


Tualatin Riverkeepers works to ensure that urban impacts to water quality, such as urban stormwater, are minimized and avoided whenever possible. We address these impacts by being involved in regulatory processes at all levels of government where we advocate for environmentally-conscious new urban development, productive environmental retro-fitting, and including environmental justice in all development planning practices. At all stages, we build awareness around choices that individuals can make which impact water quality and water quantity. We also work to advocate for connected urban parks and natural areas, protecting local, equitable access to nature and the river.


Our watershed roughly follows the boundaries of Washington County, so we also know that it's important to work on the rural impacts of environmental decision-making. In rural regions of our watershed, we work to ensure that rural land uses are as protective of water quality and water quantity as possible. Tualatin Riverkeepers advocates for environmentally-conscious practices in forestry and agricultural issues, and we serve as a stakeholder in discussions around rural land use practices in the Tualatin River watershed. We also advocate for healthy habitat and land conservation, while using our seat at the table to push for more diverse representation from our wide variety of stakeholders in our community.

Report River Conditions

See potential pollution? Let us know by calling 503-218-2580 or email Please put "HOTLINE" in the subject line when sending an email with your concerns. We strive to respond to these reports within 24 hours.

If you're seeing river conditions that you think are interesting or might be helpful to know when recreating, let us know on the Water Reporter app! Check out our guide to using the app here.


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