Check out all the different types of events we have to offer! We aim to offer opportunities for people of all ages, of varying experiences and backgrounds, and with the goal that you will walk away with more appreciation of the Tualatin River and the natural resources within the watershed.

We try to keep all our events at a fair cost or free to the public. If price is an issue please contact us and we can work to find a resolution. We want everyone to be able to participate in our activities and discover what the Tualatin River watershed has to offer.

Forest Ramblers - Age 4 to 6
Come explore Dirksen Nature Camp and experience what it’s like to be an animal (or plant) in the fields, forests, and creeks. Campers will learn to explore...
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Nature Sleuths Summer - Age 7 to 10
Life isn’t about knowing, it’s about exploring, and no one knows that better than kids! Dirksen is in an amazing place, hosting seven unique habitats and...
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Dirksen Adventure - Age 10 to 13
Run, jump, swim, and play your way to a summer adventure! Lost in the woods? What are the odds that you could find your way home? With a map, observation...
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Sense of Place - Age 7 to 10
Campers will touch, taste, smell, listen, and look their way to a deeper understanding of what keeps an ecosystem in balance. Discover the homes of wildlife...
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Living Water - Age 10 to 13
Search for what’s living just below the surface of our rivers and creeks while building an appreciation for all the creatures, big and small, that call the...
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