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Paid jobs training and internships available!

Tualatin Riverkeepers, Centro Cultural and Muslim Educational Trust would like to announce an exciting new jobs training opportunity for our community. In January of 2019 we will launch an introductory training for jobs in environmental careers.

Job Trainings
Trainings will be structured around a group of 20 students competitively chosen from community consultations facilitated by Centro Cultural and Muslim Educational Trust. Trainings will give students knowledge of diverse job skills needed for a career in the environmental field while also giving them exposure to experts from the field.

Half-day workshops will be held one Saturday per month from January-August. The workshops will be in the field and provide hands-on experience and real-world experience. There will be classroom sessions prior to the workshops to introduce topics and information related to the upcoming workshop. Classroom sessions will be held on a weeknight from 6-8pm. The selected 20 students will be paid $12/hour for classroom time, workshop time, and an 160 hour internship intended to apply skills learned from the program with employers within the region. Transportation stipends for buses to trainings and internship will also be provided.

The training program is open to anyone above 16 years old.
The program is particularly suitable for those with an interest in science, engineering, agriculture, nurseries, landscape architecture and botany. Participants are required to attend all classroom sessions and field workshops, if a participant misses more than 3 they may be unable to qualify for an internship.


To apply please complete and submit an application (online or in person)

Applications can be found at:

1. Tualatin Riverkeepers
2. Centro Cultural Prosperidad
3. Muslim Educational Trust

If you have questions, or need assistance to apply please contact either, Piedad Mayagoitia (Tualatin Riverkeepers) at (503) 218-2580, Jonath Colon (Centro Cultural) at (503) 336-9895 ext. 102, or Sahar Bassyouni at (503) 579-6621

Submit applications by Dec 14 2018 to MET’s Sahar Bassyouni (saharbassyouni@gmail.com), Centro Cultural’s Jonath Colon (jcolon@centrocultural.org) or TRK’s Piedad Mayagoitia (piedad@tualatinriverkeepers.org).

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