Call For Artists:

Stormwater Art Project near storm drains in Tigard and Hillsboro to Emphasize Connection to the Tualatin River

Register for RFP information session on February 5th or February 9th here


Tualatin Riverkeepers, Centro Cultural, and MET seek artists to design and paint sidewalk murals in Hillsboro and Tigard. The goal of these sidewalk murals is to raise awareness of storm drains as a connection to the Tualatin River and its tributaries using cultural symbols from Washington County’s diverse community.

In partnership with Centro Cultural and the Muslim Educational Trust, TRK received a Metro Community Placemaking Grant to create storm drain art that educates communities in Hillsboro and Tigard about the impact of stormwater pollution. This grant will fund one pilot project on Main Street in Hillsboro and Tigard where local artists will work with the community to install one sidewalk mural that highlights storm drains on Main to prevent the dumping of debris into water catchments.

This artwork will work as a multilingual educational tool to remind the public that storm drains carry stormwater directly to the waterways we use in our everyday life for drinking and recreation. Storm drains connect urban areas to creeks, streams, and rivers in our community through a system of pipes, drains, and culverts. They are located along streets and next to sidewalks, in areas that collect stormwater from impervious surfaces and direct it to nearby waterways. Storm drains often blend into the surrounding urban infrastructures and are often forgotten about. This is why we are painting these murals on our storm drains.

Selected artists will receive a commission of $1500, connections to public agencies, community organizations, and local businesses, as well as an opportunity to mentor community members interested in art for the environment.

Priority given to artists of color that live in Washington County.

Designs are due by 5 pm on February 20, 2018. Selected artists will be notified by March 5, 2018. Mural installation will take place in August and September 2018.

● Designs should incorporate an environmental theme and include the text: Drains to Tualatin River in English and Spanish or Arabic
● Sidewalk murals will be installed using latex paint and covered with a non-slip sealant (TRK will provide paint materials)
● Artists will be required to maintain the sidewalk murals for up to one year after installation. This includes touching up worn away paint
● Preference will be given to artists of color who live or work in Washington County

Artist Requirements
● Attend informational sessions on February 5th or February 9th to learn more about the project
● Submit a design proposal in PDF format on or before 5:00 pm, February 20th, 2018
● If selected, attend stormwater 101 workshop in April 2018 to build community outreach curricula with TRK staff
● Facilitate three community education events on stormwater in May, June and July 2018: Artists will work with TRK and our partners to educate the community on storm drain pollution, then lead a design charrette to build on artist’s design and incorporate a community vision for the final sidewalk mural design
● Prepare selected installation area in Tigard or Hillsboro before artwork is installed
● Work with community members to install sidewalk art in August and September 2018
● Maintain the installed art through September 2019

Mural Locations
● Murals will be installed on Main Street Hillsboro and Tigard.
● Art work will be painted on a rectangular surface, such as the image shown below.

Design Space Storm drain size: 4 ft x 10 ft
Examples of stormdrain art in other cities:



Selection Process
Artwork will be reviewed and selected by a panel composed of local community members and staff representatives from Centro Cultural, Muslim Educational Trust, Tualatin Riverkeepers, The City of Tigard and The City of Hillsboro. Evaluations will be based on the following criteria:
1. Aesthetic strength
2. Incorporation of an environmental theme
3. Use of cultural symbols that represent Washington County’s diverse population

Call for submissions: January 2018
Artist information sessions:
● February 5th at Muslim Educational Trust in Tigard 5:30pm-7: 00 pm
● February 9th at Centro de Prosperidad in Hillsboro 5:30pm-7: 00 pm
Final artist selection March 5, 2018
Stormwater 101 April 2018
Community education events May, June, July 2018
Storm drain art installation August and September 2018

● Submit up to 2 design proposals in PDF format. For each design, indicate rectangular or square shape, colors used, and a brief description of how the design celebrates the diverse cultures in Washington County and helps raise awareness about our connection to the Tualatin River.
● Include a brief artist’s statement or bio
● Include a statement affirming your ability to complete the mural in July 2018.
● Submissions must be emailed to Sandra Amolo at by Tuesday February 20, 2018 at 5pm.

Questions? Please contact Sandra Amolo at or call 503-218-2580

Tualatin Riverkeepers (TRK) is a non-profit organization dedicated to holistic watershed management for the benefit of communities in the Tualatin River Basin. TRK’s mission is to protect, restore and enjoy the Tualatin River. Its four programs include: recreation, restoration, watershed watch/advocacy and environmental education. TRK is a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a global movement for clean water. This project is funded through Metro’s Community Placemaking Grants.