Staff & Board

TRK is proud to have been born out of activism which represented the first application of the Clean Water Act in the country in 1986, when local citizens came together to demand the government clean up a polluted river that had long since exceeded maximum daily pollution load limits, with 13,800 plant violations cited. Today the Tualatin River is much cleaner, but development challenges remain and we seek to inspire new generations of river ambassadors who will bring the message of clean water and its link to the economy, human health, and ecology to the forefront.



  • Carmen Madrid, Board Member

    Carmen is the Washington County Organizing Director for the Center for Intercultural Organizing (, where she leads efforts to expand CIO’s organizing in Washington County. Carmen’s educational background includes a business degree in systems and quantitative analysis from Portland State University. She has also worked over 20 years in Oregon’s healthcare insurance business with employers […]

  • Meryl Redisch, Board Member

    Since retiring as the executive director of Portland Audubon, Meryl Redisch is spending a lot more time enjoying Oregon’s natural beauty. When she is not skiing, hiking, or traveling, she works to advance policies related to urban and community forestry including; as chair of Portland’s Urban Forestry Commission. Meryl grew up in New York City […]

  • Alfred Dinsdale, Board Member

    Alfred Dinsdale has lived just outside Sherwood with his wife Julie and three boys for the past sixteen years. He owns and operates McKay Creek Farm, Dinsdale Landscape Contractors Inc, and Dinsdale Nursery. He has been a landscape contractor for over twenty-five years and specializes in private gardens with an emphasis on native and woodland […]

  • Sharon Selvaggio, Board Secretary

    Sharon Selvaggio is the Water & Wildlife Program Director for the NW Center for Alternatives to Pesticides.  Previously she worked 27 years with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Forest Service. Her experience as a Refuge manager, conservation planner, and wildlife biologist included work in pesticide use and evaluation, oversight of farming programs, water […]