Staff & Board

TRK is proud to have been born out of activism which represented the first application of the Clean Water Act in the country in 1986, when local citizens came together to demand the government clean up a polluted river that had long since exceeded maximum daily pollution load limits, with 13,800 plant violations cited. Today the Tualatin River is much cleaner, but development challenges remain and we seek to inspire new generations of river ambassadors who will bring the message of clean water and its link to the economy, human health, and ecology to the forefront.



  • Mike Skuja, Executive Director

    Mike Skuja is a wildlife biologist and geographer by training. Growing up on the rivers and lakes of Wisconsin, he first gained an appreciation and awareness for watershed issues through outings with his father and uncle in canoes. Since then he has worked on marine policy for the United Nations-World Conservation and Monitoring Centre, sea turtle conservation with […]


  • Ruby Buchholtz, Advocacy Manager & Riverkeeper

    Ruby Buchholtz is a home grown resident of the Pacific Northwest, having been raised in Eugene and currently residing in Portland. With a life-long passion for the rivers and green spaces in Oregon, Ruby is thrilled to be working at TRK to build a close knit community movement for clean water. Ruby enjoys engaging a […]

  • Sandra Amolo, Community Organizer

    Sandra Amolo is a community organizer with a passion for social and environmental justice and a keen interest in creating a multi-cultural environmental movement that is welcoming and inclusive to all ideas and backgrounds. She has worked both internationally and in the Pacific Northwest.  In Seattle she helped create a racial justice campaign within the […]


  • Charissa Jones, Environmental Educator

    Charissa Jones is an environmental educator with a love for creating dynamic hands on educational experiences for youth of all ages. Equipped with a passion for cultural and stakeholder engagement, Charissa is a talented community liaison capable of bringing together diverse perspectives on how we relate to our environment. Charissa has designed and implemented lesson plans grounded in approved state […]


  • Margot Fervia-Neamtzu, Office and Membership Manager

    Margot solidified her desire to protect our last remaining natural places while living near majestic coastal redwoods. A graduate of Humboldt State University in Arcata, California, she discovered that combining her organizational skills with a love of nature could set her on a career path she could wholly embrace. After graduating, she headed north to start a career […]


  • Qabas Qutaiba Hameed, Website and Technology Manager

    Qabas Quitaba Hameed is TRK’s Website and Technology Manager, ensuring TRK’s website remains an up to date and efficient means of communication with all members of the public. Qabas has a background in IT, software development, and programming as well as passion for graphic design. He first came to TRK as a student of our Urban […]

  • Ed Casuga, Board Vice President

    Ed was a Human Resources Manager for ARRIS, a telecommunications company that sells products, software and services primarily to major cable companies to deliver Video on Demand to the household users. He earned a BS Degree in Business Administration – Accounting Concentration from San Jose State University. Ed chairs TRK’s Fundraising and Events Committee.

  • Rod Fragiao, Treasurer

    Rod Fragiao is a graduate of the University of Washington where he earned a degree in Business Administration.  He has been a commercial banker for almost 20 years and joined Premier Community Bank in 2013 as Vice President Commercial Loan Officer in the Durham branch.   Rod is a long-time volunteer for Tualatin youth sports having […]

  • Molly Whitney, Board Member

    A second generation Riverkeeper, Molly has a lifelong relationship with the river and brings real enthusiasm for its protection and restoration to the TRK board.  She has taken an interest in the health of watersheds for “as long as I can remember. The Tualatin River became the foundation of my passion for water, and the […]

  • Carl Hosticka, Board Member

    Carl most recently served as a Metro Councilor for 12 years where he worked to protect the quality of life and natural heritage that defines Oregon while creating conditions for a sound economy. As a state representative from 1983 to 1994, Carl Hosticka was associated with passing groundbreaking legislation that moved Oregon forward on a […]