TRK’s Annual Meeting is taking a new form this year as we’ll be screening The Russian River: All Rivers, The Value of an American Watershed as part of the event. We are honored to facilitate a discussion with the producers of how our river fits into the broader river conservation movement. Come for a great story plus get an update on TRKs’ recent accomplishments.

Beaverton Library Auditorium
12375 SW Fifth Street
Beaverton, Oregon 97005 

Everyone is welcome at this free event and members are encouraged to bring a friend. Seating will be limited. Register to save your seat.  – FREE!

From the Producers:
The Russian River: All Rivers explores the diverse forces which have come to shape one of California’s iconic rivers — forces which impact rivers and watersheds throughout the world. It examines how the Russian River has been used, and what the consequences of that use have been. By looking at the effects of mining, logging, fishing, agriculture, diversion and development, the film conveys a historical perspective for the river’s condition. Scientists, educators, policy makers, activists and citizens offer their perspectives on how this resource has been used and managed.
Beyond examining its exploitation as a resource, the film revels in the watershed’s profound, often forgotten, beauty. What can we learn from it? Why are we drawn to it?
As we consider the policies and actions which have shaped the watershed, the film looks to the future by offering solutions and implores viewers to offer their own. What do we need to change in ourselves to again live in balance with this life-sustaining resource?