warningThe Portland Bureau of Environmental Services alerted the public last week of two sewage spills that occurred on  Woods Creek, a tributary of Fanno Creek.

City crews were able to stop a 27,000 gallon discharge of sewage into Woods Creek on the 6100 block of Canby Street, determining the cause of discharge to be a sewage pipe that was mistakenly connected to a rainwater pipe. A second spill on July 13th releasing 90,000 gallons of sewage from a manhole near 7320 SW 69th Ave into Woods Creek in Beaverton was stopped by the Bureau of Environmental Services’ (BES) clean up crew. An estimated 200 fish were found dead in Woods Creek.

Clean up between the City of Beaverton, Clean Water Services, and BES is under way. Clean Water Services is collecting daily water quality samples downstream of the overflow site and will continue to do so until the stream no longer shows evidence of the release at which time warning signs will be removed.

Most sewage releases are caused when pipes are blocked by grease, tree roots or other debris, causing pipes to fail. Environmental Services advises the public not to flush anything other than waste and toilet paper, and to not put anything down storm drains, which are intended for rainfall only. Warning signs to avoid contact with Woods Creek and Fanno Creek remain in place as the cleanup and investigation continue.  April Hill Park and the adjacent nature trail are not impacted and remain open to the public. For updates, please visit the Bureau of Environmental Service’s website.

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