Rood Bridge River Rentals

Thank you to everyone for a fantastic paddle season this summer! Our last day of River Rentals was September 15th, and we hope everyone that rented with us feels inspired to work with us to protect the health of the watershed and keep it enjoyable for years to come, so we can keep paddling. We'll be back next May, just before Memorial Day Weekend. We also want to extend a special thanks to Clean Water Services, who helped us upgrade our kayaks and paddleboards this season.

$40 - Three Hour Rental

Single Kayaks

$30 - Three Hour Rental

Double Kayaks

$40 - Three Hour Rental


$30 - Three Hour Rental


Why aren't you here every weekend?
This is a new rental location we're trying out this year, so we're not quite ready to have a permanent location like we do at Cook Park. Hopefully this will change in the future, but for now, we're holding rentals at Rood Bridge Park on these dates only.

How many people can go out in a canoe?
Typically canoes work for 3 people, two paddlers and a middle seat. For younger kids, there can be two middle seat spots.

Can I rent with you and take the kayak somewhere else?
Nope! These boats are set up at Rood Bridge Park so you can explore the Tualatin River. All trips need to start and return from Rood Bridge boat launch.

Why do I need to complete a waiver for everyone?
All participants need to complete a waiver for safety. Everyone needs to acknowledge one, including minors who need a parent or guardian to sign for them. This is an absolute requirement to rent a boat with us, and it must be done before getting on the water.

Are dogs okay to take out?
Sure! If your dog likes to go out with you, that works for us. But keep in mind that we don't have doggy-lifejackets.

Why do I have to bring my rental back at the scheduled time if I started late?
We're a small nonprofit, and because of that we have a limited number of boats available in our fleet, especially at Rood Bridge. Even if you started late, we can't extend your rental past it's end time because we need to be able to use the equipment for the next group in the schedule. Please be considerate and respect the stated return time of your rental.

Why can't I reserve many boats for one time slot?
Since we're working with a limited fleet of kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards, it's likely that if you can't reserve as many boats as you were hoping to, it's because they're already rented by others and out on the water!

If my friend has their own boat, can I rent one to go out with them?

If you have any other questions, need help navigating our reservation portal, or if you need to change or cancel your reservation, send an email to You can also call our office during the week at 503-218-2580, but be advised that staff are often not in the office on weekends. We also offer gift cards in any amount, making them great gift options for family, friends, and anyone you want to treat to a day on the Tualatin. Purchase a gift card here.