quamash2 Quamash Prairie is a 170 acre natural area located at the confluence of the Tualatin River and McFee Creek in Scholls, Oregon. Quamash Prairie is an uncommon, wet prairie habitat and a home to rare Pacific Northwest species. Chorus frog, Pacific salamander; Red-osier dogwood, Garry oak; White-breasted nuthatch and Yellow-breasted Chat are just a few of the species living at Quamash Prairie. This property first came under agricultural cultivation as recently as the 1930s and several relatives of the original homesteaders still reside along the creek. A historic mill operated at this site back at one time and Native Americans are said to have camped on the upland area alongside the creek. The property was owned by the Gotter Family from the 1930’s until 1994. Sam Gotter and his wife are “very excited to see Metro purchasing land” and to see the restoration of the floodplain and will be glad to see the area become a bird and animal sanctuary. Quamash Prairie was Metro’s first purchase along the Tualatin River, part of Metro’s Greenspaces Acquisition Program. The prairie is public land held by Metro Parks and Greenspaces. Quamash is one of the many amazing natural areas acquired by Metro with monies from a public bond measure passed in 1995. Tualatin Riverkeepers have been very successful leveraging funds for restoration at Quamash Prairie and encouraging community involvement on the site.