TRK believes that holistic watershed management means prioritizing the restoration of degraded habitat, not only along the river’s edge but throughout its historic floodplain. In our view, restoring prairies is restoring clean water to the basin. Prairies hold the river’s winter flood waters, filter and cool water, recharge ground water, and release water slowly back its source. Not only is this critical from an ecological standpoint, but it enables us to enlist new partners in conservation, expanding our partnership efforts to working with farmers directly.

TRK has been fortunate to establish a track record of this work that we hope to expand in the coming years. To date TRK has raised $1 million to support restoration efforts, which includes the 120 acres Quamash (formerly Gotter) Prairie and 77 acre Munger farm (link 13). In 2011, TRK volunteers planted 1,000 camas flower bulbs to complete restoration of Munger Farm Natural Area, a wetland prairie owned by Metro Regional Parks and Greenspaces. TRK has an active partnership with Ash Creek Forest Management and Metro which restored 200 acres of public land to date.

Tool Trailer

Restoration Tool Bank

Tualatin Riverkeepers’ Restoration Tool Bank is available for habitat restoration projects in the Tualatin watershed. The trailer includes everything you need to host a successful habitat restoration project except the volunteer. Tool Bank inventory includes: shovels, gloves, maddocks, tent canopy, registration table, water jug etc. Tualatin Riverkeepers are available to haul the Tool Bank to and from project sites. The Tool Bank is available free of charge to: Friends Groups and Scout Troops. Agencies are welcome to use the tool bank for a modest fee. To reserve the tool trailer, send an email to or give us a call at 503-218-2580. There are also additional resources for landowners.

Watch the Tualatin River Prairie video.

What’ So Special About Tualatin River Prairies? from Tualatin Riverkeepers on Vimeo.

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