Qabas Quitaba Hameed is TRK’s Website and Technology Manager, ensuring TRK’s website remains an up to date and efficient means of communication with all members of the public. Qabas has a background in IT, software development, and programming as well as passion for graphic design. He first came to TRK as a student of our Urban Forestry jobs training program in collaboration with Muslim Educational Trust (here). In addition to learning all about trees, restoration, and ecological design during the program, Qabas also translated for two Syrian Refugees who do not speak English for the entire course series. After this experience, he began working more with TRK because he loves urban design and green building and sees TRK as an opportunity to learn more about the local environment here in Oregon. Growing up in a hot and dry place such as Baghdad, Iraq, Qabas has a keen appreciation for the value of clean water, rain and plants in an urban landscape.

He is a passionate community advocate and volunteers his local food pantry as well as Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers, an all-volunteer association acting in support of membership associations of low-income worker organizations in the states of Oregon, Washington, California and Alaska. He also serves as a link between TRK and the Arab speaking world, having translated some key publications for TRK into Arabic. He relocated to Oregon with his wife who is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from PSU (here). They have three children, whom Qabas has promised to introduce to the Tualatin River as they grow up!

He holds a BSc. in Computer Science from Al-Mustansiriah University, College of Education and Computer Science Department (Baghdad, Iraq)