Mike Skuja is a wildlife biologist and geographer by training. Growing up on the rivers and lakes of Wisconsin, he first gained an appreciation and awareness for watershed issues through outings with his father and uncle in canoes. Since then he has worked on marine policy for the United Nations-World Conservation and Monitoring Centre, sea turtle conservation with the Nature Conservancy, and issues related to pollution, rivers and environmental justice with communities on the West Side of Chicago.

With a life-long passion for community-based conservation, Mike started his own non-profit called The Center for Rural Empowerment and the Environment to foster locally-led ideas for sustainable development. This gave him experience connecting directly with stakeholders such as farmers and fishermen dealing with conflict over wetland and coral reef resources. Mike is excited to be leading Tualatin Riverkeepers because its diverse programmatic focus on environmental protection, social justice, and human health builds on his experiences both in the US and abroad.

B.S. Geography & Zoology, University of Wisconsin

M.Sc. Biodiversity, Conservation & Management, University of Oxford