Place Based Education

Education about natural resources, water quality, and the threats to our environment is one of the pillars of our organization. We believe that education leads to advocacy and protection of all of our shared resources. We offer educational opportunities through a variety of ways and for a variety of ages. From summer camps to rain barrel workshops, from Action Alerts and our newsletters to Discovery Day we provide opportunities for all to discover, explore, and learn about our watershed, our resources, and our river.

Summer Camps

We play and learn outside! Typically less than an hour a day is spent inside. We are lucky to host our camps in Tigard’s largest nature park; this urban jewel means that there is no travel time to get to nature! We are committed to strengthening the community around this resource, and are excited to share it with your kids.

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Rain Barrel Workshops

Workshops are offered during the year to community members throughout the region. These workshops are meant to teach people about water conservation and how collect rainwater to water home gardens and plants.

Check our events page for any upcoming workshops.

Get Involved

Join us at any of our educational opportunities. From rain barrel workshops to summer camps, or from paddle trips to nature hikes, we will provide everything you need to explore and learn about the Tualatin River watershed.