Restoration work can mean removing invasive vegetation and planting native species, but it can also mean much more. We work to identify and prioritize degraded areas and then plan and implement restoration projects that include innovative techniques to restore the land to improve water quality.

While there are other organizations doing large-scale restoration in the watershed at a scale we can’t replicate, we do have the capacity to play an important role mobilizing the community around 1-2 big restoration projects every 3-5 years.

In 2014, The Wildlife Conservation Society's Climate Adaptation Fund enabled Tualatin Riverkeepers and partners to launch an innovative project using carefully planned cattle grazing to restore prairie health along the banks of the Tualatin River.

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Every year we also host a river clean up event, check out our event page to see when the next event is coming up.

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We partner with organizations throughout the region to plan and implement restoration projects in the watershed. If you are interested in planting native plants, removing invasive species, hauling old tires, or picking up trash come volunteer with us! We also can assist folks in planning and finding resources for their own restoration projects, just contact us.