Place Based Education

Education about natural resources, water quality, and the threats to our environment is one of the pillars of our organization. We believe that education leads to advocacy and protection of all of our shared resources. We offer educational opportunities through a variety of ways and for a variety of ages. From summer camps to rain barrel workshops, from Action Alerts and our newsletters to Discovery Day we provide opportunities for all to discover, explore, and learn about our watershed, our resources, and our river.

River Adventures Summer Camps

Explore, play, and learn outside! At River Adventures Summer Camps, typically less than an hour a day is spent inside. Instead, our students discover the varied ecosystems of the Tualatin River with us, gaining a sense of appreciation, respect, and love of nature and wildlife! Many camps also include a paddle day on the river exploring the wildlife in this natural escape, right in the city.

Learn more about our summer camps here.

Trips & Tours

Enjoy the Tualatin River with us on a guided experience! With TRK our outdoor experiences include learning with naturalists or experts while getting outside. River trips suitable for all paddling levels are generally offered May through October, including our annual Discovery Day Paddle. You can also join us on an educational field trip across the watershed ranging from waterfall hikes to birding adventures that are offered throughout the year.

Learn more about our trips, in and out of the water, here.

Community Education

We offer a variety of fun educational events off the water throughout the year to promote sustainable practices in our watershed. These events include science nights at local breweries, classes like our DIY Rain Barrel Workshop, or our summer tire collection day. All events provide easy ideas that you can take home with you to reduce your watershed footprint.

Learn more about upcoming events here.

Green Jobs Training Program

Our environmental workforce training program offers paid skill-building experiences throughout the watershed for historically marginalized communities. We work with partners like Centro Cultural to expose students to a variety of environmental work opportunities at non-profits, community organizations, and public agencies. If you are interested in participating in the program as a student or as a partner organization, please contact

Get Involved

Join us at any of our educational opportunities. From rain barrel workshops to summer camps, or from paddle trips to nature hikes, we will provide everything you need to explore and learn about the Tualatin River watershed.