Our Work

Our projects and programs span throughout the Tualatin River watershed with five goals guiding our work. We work with other organizations, NGOs, municipalities, community members, and local government to improve water quality for everyone that calls this watershed home.

Goal 1: The Tualatin River watershed will become cleaner and healthier in order to meet the needs of current and future generations of fish, wildlife, and people.

Goal 2: The community will increasingly value a clean and healthy Tualatin River watershed.

Goal 3: The community will have increased opportunities to enjoy and explore the Tualatin River watershed.

Goal 4: The community will increasingly take advantage of opportunities to actively steward the Tualatin River watershed.

Goal 5: Public policy and its implementation will increasingly promote a healthy Tualatin River watershed and community engagement with the watershed.

Place Based Education

We believe that by offering educational opportunities for people of all ages and from all walks of life about their watershed will lead to a strong community of advocates working to protect all of our shared resources.

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We are the only organization in the watershed focused on advocating for the health and the protection of the Tualatin River watershed because it is where communities, wildlife, aquatic species, businesses, and farmers all call home.

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We work to identify and prioritize degraded areas and then plan and implement restoration projects that include innovative techniques to restore the land to improve water quality.

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River Experiences

We provide opportunities for the community to engage with the river that provides them their drinking water, irrigation water for the food they eat, and the river that carries away their treated wastewater.

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