Protect the Tualatin Watershed from Home

We at Tualatin Riverkeepers recognize that we are entering uncharted waters and expect that uncertainties will continue to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. However, we remain dedicated to the fight for clean water and healthy ecosystems. We know you do too, so we've decided to pull together a shortlist of action items to help us stay the course as a community.

1. Social distancing & staying at home

First and foremost, PLEASE follow social distancing and stay-at-home guidelines and orders set by the CDC, the State of Oregon, or individual counties, cities, and towns. Things are still changing fast so make sure you’re looking at the latest guidance and checking up on any new restrictions added by any jurisdiction. This is, and remains, of the utmost importance. We’ll beat this thing together by staying apart!

2. Make your yard waterway friendly

Gardening and yard work are both great ways to stay active while staying home. But did you know that what you’re doing in your yard can be good or bad for your local waterways? Make sure you’re landscaping the right way using guidance from our friends at Tualatin Soil and Water District. They have several resources for both rural and urban dwellers.

3. Dispose of home toxins properly

In addition to gardening, while you are stuck at home, consider cleaning out your garages, sheds, barns, etc. of all their stockpiled toxins, many of which ultimately end up in our waterways. You can do the same with medicine cabinets or any of the bins under your sink. Find out how to dispose of these items safely from Metro and Clean Water Services.

4. Report pollution

If you see something, say something. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has an online form to report pollution. If you live in Washington County you can also report pollution to Clean Water Services. Not sure who to report to? Send our Riverkeeper Ashley an email and she can help you figure out who to call.

5. Support local agriculture

As we prepare for the increasingly real possibility that the summer farmers' markets will be delayed, cancelled, or significantly smaller, there are still ways to support our local food providers. Consider signing up for a CSA share this year by checking out this list of CSAs in Washington County.

6. Recycle right

Once you finish supporting local takeout restaurants, make sure to recycle correctly using these guidelines from Washington County. Rinse your containers and don’t recycle materials that are dirty or greasy like pizza boxes. Local jurisdictions differ slightly over what you can and cannot recycle so make sure to check their websites. Check websites for composting guidelines too, as some municipal composting services will take things like pizza boxes.

7. Support Tualatin Riverkeepers

The fight for clean water hasn’t been canceled and that means we’re still counting on your support. Please consider making a gift here, any amount helps. Or make Amazon pay by using AmazonSmile and choosing Tualatin Riverkeepers as your charitable organization (please use the no rush option when checking out).

8. Stay up to date

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know about what you can do to protect the Tualatin in these troubled times.

This is not a comprehensive list and some items on the list may change as we learn more about this pandemic. What doesn’t change is our passion for clean, healthy water. Thank you for standing with us.