Green Jobs Training Program Begins!

The 2019 Green Jobs Training Program has officially started! Check back for updates, and see what we've been up to below.

February 23rd 2019

The Green Jobs Training Program already had its second session and our student cohort is remaining strong. This month students learned about Amphibian Surveys.

For this lesson, our awesome partners from The Wetlands Conservancy stepped in and offered training to identify amphibian egg masses in the water. Our target species included the Red Legged Frog (Rana aurora), Northwestern Salamander (Ambystoma gracile), Chorus frog (Pseudcacris regilla) and the long-toed salamander (Ambystoma macrodactylum). For the field portion, we all jumped into our waders and started surveying the ponds.

Green Jobs Update

Students surveyed for any amphibian egg masses they could find floating. It was both challenging and fun for everybody, since most of the time we were pulling our feet from the silt without losing our balance. Luckily, no one got wet and they all enjoyed a fantastic day outdoors.

We didn’t see many egg masses during the survey, however Megan Garvey and Kacy Woodley of The Wetlands Conservancy have ample experience and students had the opportunity to identify cool stuff such as beaver dams and also spotted rough-skinned newts! Overall, this month was very fun for everybody, next up we are learning about Green Infrastructure in urban areas.

January 26, 2019

This year we had a record attendance at our Orientation Day! It was incredible to meet all these people that are so enthusiastic about the environment. There were guest speakers from organizations such as OSU Extension, The Wetlands Conservancy, Jackson Bottom Wetlands, Forest Park Conservancy, and Learning Gardens Laboratory.

These professionals shared their experience in the green jobs sector and students had the opportunity to ask questions and talk about their interests. We already had our January class about native plant restoration. Students attended a lecture and a field workshop at Barrows Meadow with Friends of Trees (pictured above). We all had a blast learning new techniques for plant care, using all kinds of tools, and mulching newly planted vegetation.

Stay tuned for our next update on the Green Jobs Training Program which will be about Amphibian Surveys.