Proposed Bylaw Revisions

TRK will be asking our membership to vote on proposed updates to the Bylaws at the Annual Meeting on Jan. 26, 2020. TRK Members must approve any changes to the Bylaws. We've provided a summary of the updates below:

Summary of Changes:

  • Changes made throughout to reflect that TRK has a paid staff. In TRK’s early history we were run by the Board and did not yet have staff when the Bylaws were initially created. The Bylaws were never updated to reflect the change to a paid staff organization. Changes specific to this point -
    • Adds an Executive Director section.
    • Updates the responsibilities of the Board Officers to reflect that some of those responsibilities are now with the paid staff.
    • Adds Executive Director and staff into relevant sections. For example, allowing the Executive Director to set membership prices and that the Executive Director will work with the Board to form Committees as needed.
  • Simplifies some procedures to better reflect current needs of the organization. Changes specific to this point -
    • Simplifies what happens when there is a vacancy on the Board. Instead of having elaborate “temporary Board Member” procedures we will change to just allow the remaining Board to continue to do their jobs.
    • Clarifies when a Board Member’s term starts (when voted in at the Annual Meeting) and changes term lengths to three years instead of having three different types of term lengths.
    • Reorganizes some of the section related to membership for clarity. For example, how general membership could be revoked was in the same place as how Board Membership could be revoked. The piece relevant to general membership was moved to the membership section.
    • Adds a section detailing how a member could contest their membership being revoked by the Board of Directors instead of just stating that contesting revocation is allowed.
    • Adds a section detailing the general powers and responsibilities of the Board instead of having those responsibilities in pieces in different sections.
  • Changes to allow for 11 to 13 Board members instead of setting the Board at 13. This will provide needed flexibility to the organization without requiring continual updates to the Bylaws.

If you have any questions about the proposed changes please contact In House Counsel & Advocacy Director Ashley Short at