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2022 Green Heron Award Winner

Maria Davila Bores, Parks Project Specialist for the City of Hillsboro's Parks & Recreation Department

Given each year to recognize someone who has done significant and important work to move forward the Tualatin Riverkeepers mission of protecting, restoring, and providing equitable public access to the Tualatin River and its watershed, Maria was our unanimous choice this year.

As the project manager for the Rood Bridge Park's public watercraft launch years ago, she shepherded grants and contracts to provide the community with an affordable (free) and accessible launch site, within a welcoming city park that additionally provides many amenities for families looking to recreate and celebrate near and in the water each summer. For the past two years of our Equitable Access project, the Rood Bridge Park launch has been an invaluable way for us to provide even more access opportunities with kayak and canoe rentals to the upper watershed, which has traditionally been underserved. Without Maria's work, this would have been impossible for us.

Additionally, Maria has been working with Tualatin Riverkeepers staff to encourage other cities to create their own public river access points. She has been especially helpful for staff at the City of Cornelius, which will ultimately provide even more opportunities for upper watershed residents. And Maria is also working with her own staff at City of Hillsboro to envision and plan a new launch site at Jackson Bottoms.

For all these reasons and for all this work, we are delighted to honor Maria Davila Bores as our 2022 Green Heron Award winner!