Field Trip Locations

  • Dirksen Nature Park

At 48 acres Dirksen Nature Park is the City of Tigard’s largest (urban) nature park. Currently in the throes of a long term restoration, Dirksen hosts six unique habitats and a diversity of native plants and animals.  Dirksen Nature Park‘s Education Center is located at 11130 SW Tigard St. in Tigard. OR.


Field Trip Programs

The field trip activities are all linked to Next Generation Science Strands and aligned with the Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan. The objective of the field trip is to enhance classroom learning with hands-on activities and experiences. The Tualatin Riverkeepers’ Education Coordinator and our trained volunteer naturalists facilitate activities.

Cycles of Life: Grades K-1

Through exploring the patterns of change and growth, students will better understand the many natural processes that sustain the world around them. Students will discover the fascinating world of decomposers, become a living tree, and explore the changing landscape at Dirksen Nature Park.

Wildlife Watchers: Grades 2-3

There is a lot to learn about animal behavior without actually seeing a live animal. Students will learn to see the natural world in a new way as they build skills to extend their senses and make exciting observations.


Water World: Grades 4-5

Everything needs water to survive, and everyone lives in a watershed. Students will gain an understanding of their influence over local and global water issues, while developing skills for monitoring and protecting water quality.


Restoration: Grades 6-8

Students will learn about the positive and negative impacts humans have on our ecosystems, while exploring strategies to repair and restore relationships to land. All students will participate in a service-learning project, so prepare to get dirty!


Custom School Programs

We are always looking for new ways to support teachers and provide opportunities for students to get outside and connect with nature, so please tell us what you need to support your classroom curriculum and objectives. We can customize a program for any grade level, and find ways to integrate environmental sciences into engineering, math, English language arts, English language learning, and special education lessons.