The Tualatin River Legacy Club 

Have you thought of how to carry your legacy of river protection forward indefinitely? Many people delay the important task of estate planning. Wills or planned gifts are important not only for getting your personal affairs in order, but for helping non-profits continue the work that you helped inspire and shape through years of commitment. By naming TRK a beneficiary in your estate plans, you will provide the support needed to help TRK meet its general operating expenses, which is always a challenge in the non-profit world. The Tualatin River Legacy Club is a brand new group of committed individuals dedicated to helping TRK with a life-income gift. Members will be honored in every quarterly newsletter as well as announced at TRK’s Annual Meetings.

Making a bequest through a will allows you to designate a contribution while retaining full control of your assets throughout your life. You can bequest a specific amount of money, a percentage of your estate, or a specific property. Your charitable gift also may reduce taxes due on your estate. The wording of a bequest will vary depending on the type of gift.

Specific bequest: “I give to Tualatin Riverkeepers [specify property or dollar amount].”

Residuary bequest: “I give to Tualatin Riverkeepers [all or a percentage] of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate.”

Contingent bequest: “If [primary beneficiary] does not survive me, then I give [cash, specific property or percentage of residue] to Tualatin Riverkeepers.”

For more information contact Mike Skuja, 503-218-2580 or

TRK encourages you to talk with your legal and tax advisors about the type of bequest that might work best for you. If you’re considering a gift restricted to a particular aspect of our work, please consult with us as well, so that we can make sure your wishes are honored.