Rain Barrel Workshop

Come join Tualatin Riverkeepers to learn how to make and install your own rain barrel! One of the key aspects of a functional rain barrel is painting it so that algae doesn't grow in your water, so come join us on Saturday August 7th to decorate and learn all about how to create catchment systems. We'll also talk generally about water conservation, rain gardens, and other concepts about at-home water use.

Meet us at 10:00AM Saturday, August 7th at the Tualatin Riverkeepers Office as we briefly introduce stormwater conservation and hold a quick barrel drilling and installation tutorial. Then we'll spread out and paint! We have paint to use if you'd like to get creative and make a mural, but it's also totally okay to bring your own paint. Many people like to match their barrel to the exterior color of their houses and buildings! Either way, we're going to be building community together while talking water conservation, so please stay and paint your barrel with us. We will have a coordinated pick-up schedule for participants to pick up their dry rain barrels.

Each $30 registration includes one 30 gallon barrel and an adapter kit. We'll get you set up on how to install the barrel, but it is the workshop participant's responsibility to check with any landlords or homeowner's associations before installing a rain barrel. You must have at least one downspout gutter in order for this type of rain barrel system to work, and you will have to make a small hole (~2in.) in your downspout and light construction will be required after the workshop at the desired property. We'll go over this again at the workshop.

Make sure to bring sunscreen with you, and wear clothes that you can get paint on or an apron. And don't forget your creative ideas for your barrel design! If you'd like to attend this workshop and need any accommodations please contact dana@tualatinriverkeepers.org and let us know!

And don't forget! Tualatin Riverkeepers Members get 20% at our Rain Barrel Workshops! You can also contact dana@tualatinriverkeepers.org for information on how to apply this discount, and visit tualatinriverkeepers.org to become a member if you aren't already.

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