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Plastic is a Health Hazard: How to Turn Off the Tap

What is plastic--really? Why is it piling up all around us, and what can we do about it? Join us for an entertaining, inspiring, fast-moving talk about the chemistry and biological activity of plastic, including the latest studies--all in lay person's terms! Jenny Davies, MD MPH JD, is the Public and Environmental Health Director at Cafeteria Culture, a national environmental education nonprofit, and the force behind the award-winning movie, Microplastic Madness, and the national Plastic Free Lunch Day movement. Jenny will give you the real (and surprising) scoop on plastic, information that will enable you to call out misleading industry green-washing and inspire you to take action!

Jenny Davies, MD MPH JD, the Public and Environmental Health Director for Cafeteria Culture, lives in Portland, Oregon. She received a political science degree from Duke University (1981), an MD and MPH from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (1990), and a JD in environmental law from Lewis & Clark Law School (2021). She researches, writes and speaks about the need to think differently about plastic: a chemically and biologically active substance that poses an existential threat to our species and to all the species on the planet.

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