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One of the best ways to build watershed stewardship is through Environmental Education. Our place-based educational opportunities highlight local nature, wildlife, environmental story-telling, individual efforts to be better environmentalists, and our shared place in an equitable and balanced ecosystem. We truly believe that education leads to creating inspired and empowered environmental advocates throughout our whole community.

Community Education Events

River celebrations bring the community together to celebrate our work, increase access to the river, and encourage individual discovery of the Tualatin River. Discovery Day has been the signature event that reminds us of why Tualatin Riverkeepers was created over 30 years ago. Rumbo al Rio provides Hispanic families a chance to learn about and explore the Tualatin River. Our stewardship paddles include Weed Watchers class & paddle with the Tualatin Soil & Water Conservation District. And new this year will be the Tualatin Paddle Challenge.

Rain Barrel Workshops

Each year we have opportunities to join us for Rain Barrel Workshops where we learn about how rain barrels work, why stormwater matters, and how you can install a rain barrel at home to create a rain garden and get stormwater out of the drain! During these workshops we provide space and paint to give your barrel a creative twist together.

Storm Drain Murals

Working with cities and local artists, we help create murals highlighting the fact that all of the water flowing through our streets, drains straight into the Tualatin River. Through artist talks and brightly colored murals, we strive to create awareness of stormwater pollution and increase stewardship, while leaving behind a beautiful piece of art.